Уважаемые родители, дорогие ребята!

В прошлом году наша школа приняла активное участие в общеавстралийском языковом конкурсе радио SBS.

75 учеников школы в возрасте от 4 до 18 лет представили на конкурс свои работы. 13 человек были признаны победителями школьного этапа и были награждены Почётными грамотами и подарками. Были отмечены как очень интересные работы ещё 26 человек.
2 ученика школы – Ян Кэрролл и Даниил Золотарёв стали победителями 2-го этапа, то есть вошли в число победителей конкурса в Южной Австралии и вышли в общеавстралийский финал.

В этом году конкурс проводится вновь. Его главное отличие от конкурса прошлого года в том, что участники должны до конца августа представить на конкурс не письменные тексты, а 30-секундное ВИДЕО! И если вы хотите побороться за главный приз конкурса, то сейчас самое время ваше видео отправлять (если, конечно, вы это уже не сделали)!


Ниже мы даём краткий вариант информации о конкурсе на английском.

Подробности на сайте SBS.



When does it start?

Competition entries are open from 9:00am on Monday 24 July 2017 (AEST) until Midnight onFriday 1 September 2017 (AEST).

The competition is open to all school students across Australia who are learning a language other than English. The entrants are categorised into four groups:

Category A: Junior Primary (Aged 4 – 7)

Category B: Primary (Aged 8 – 12)

Category C: Junior High School (Aged 13 – 15)

Category D: Senior High School (Aged 16 – 18)

What do participants win?

There will be four grand prize winners (one from each age category) who will receive:

iPad Pro 12.9 inch 256GB for the winner and one for his/her school

Full days pass to Luna Park in Sydney for two

Selected winners who do not reside in NSW at the time of the above award ceremony will receive return airfares (for them and a parent/ guardian) from their capital city and one night’s accommodation in Sydney to attend the ceremony.


SBS Radio presents the SBS National Languages Competition 2017 to encourage and celebrate a love of learning languages in Australia. We are calling out to all school students across Australia, who are learning a language other than English.

How To Enter

Step 1: Log on to www.sbs.com.au/NLC17

Step 2: Fill in the entry form

Step 3: Upload a VIDEO (max 30 seconds) telling us ‘WHAT LEARNING A LANGUAGE MEANS TO YOU?’ The video should be in a language other than English

Step 4: Include a written script in English, translating the video content Step 5: Submit your entry.

What is the SBS National Languages Competition? 

The SBS National Languages Competition 2017 is an exciting initiative to encourage and celebrate a love of learning languages in Australia. It’s a nationwide competition to engage school children and reflect on the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity of Australia’s multicultural society. SBS Radio encourages all school students across Australia, to participate in the ‘SBS National Languages Competition’ by telling us in a 30 second video ‘What learning a language means to you?’, in any language other than English. The competition is open to all school students aged four to 18 years, who are learning a language other than English.

Why are we doing it?

As the world’s most multicultural and multilingual broadcaster, SBS Radio is proud to run this fantastic competition to encourage young Australians to explore and celebrate what it is to be an Australian. It celebrates diversity and contributes to the social inclusion and cross-cultural understanding of all Australians – linguistically, sociologically and culturally. It comes from the heart of SBS and speaks to our purpose of inspiring Australians to explore and celebrate diversity.

How to enter?

Given the diversity of ages and skills, we encourage parents, guardians and school teachers to guide the entrants where needed, in uploading their video and filling out an entry form. This year, all school students must enter the SBS National Languages Competition 2017 online by going to sbs.com.au/NLC17 Parents or guardians should tick the box to indicate they have read the Terms & Conditions for the competition. There can only be one submission per entrant. Participants cannot enter in groups

Helpful hints

Here are a few helpful hints when entering the competition:


  • GET CREATIVE: Perhaps you may want to sing a song, enact something, show a picture, dress up in the national costume, or simply describe your love for languages.

  • Make sure only the participant entering the competition is featured in the video.
  • Entering the competition is possible from any device – computer, mobile or iPad.
  • Try to keep the English translation of the uploaded language video as accurate as possible.
  • Winners will be notified by email and phone in September 2017
  • Award ceremony will be held at SBS headquarters, Sydney in October 2017.