О нашей школе – About the School (for English speakers)

Информация о школе на русском здесь.

ALEXANDER PUSHKIN RUSSIAN SCHOOL under “Let`s Talk Together!” Association Inc. in Adelaide, South Australia was established in 1994. It is a not-for-profit ethnic/community school that operates on Saturdays. In 2009 the school was named after the greatest Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin.

The school delivers quality and effective Russian language and culture programs to the Russian community as well as any Australians who wish to learn the Russian language and familiarise themselves with Russian culture and traditions. Students study Russian Language and Literature, Russian and World History, Mathematics, basics of Science and Geography, Art History, and Music. After the lessons, elective classes of Russian Folk Art (studio Round Dance), Mathematics, Drama, Puppet Theatre, Chess, Fine Arts and Design are offered to anyone who wishes to attend them.

Our school is one of the largest Russian schools in Australia. More than 200 students aged 3 to 18 attend the school. Approximately a quarter of them are high school students. This is a very high percentage for an ethnic school.
More than half of the school population was born in Australia and they are second and third-generation language learners. The school community also includes immigrant families from the countries of the former Soviet Union, new arrivals, and children of mixed and even purely English-speaking families.

The main objectives of the school are:

  • to help retain and further develop the Russian language (and for those who do not know any Russian, to help them master the basics);
  • to disclose to the students the richness of Russian culture and its global significance, revealing the beauty of the Russian language, the charm of Russian poetry, and to maintain Russian traditions and festivals;
  • to expand students’ horizons, arm them with knowledge, abilities, and skills designed to help them to be successful learners in their mainstream school.

The school also supports new arrivals helping them to adapt to the Australian lifestyle and culture, give them the opportunity to be involved in different activities and make new friends. For those who have no experience in Russian, the school offers a special program for Beginners (Russian As a Foreign Language).

Alexander Pushkin Russian School successfully prepares senior students for the Russian language exam that forms a part of the matriculation (SACE). The school’s graduates consistently achieve outstanding results. This gives them additional points towards their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) for completing a Language subject other than English.

We have everything required to provide our students with the best opportunity to excel in their schooling. Our teachers are education professionals with extensive experience in teaching, not only in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union but in Australia as well. All of them are well equipped with various modern teaching techniques. We extensively use textbooks and other teaching and learning materials obtained from Russia which are creatively adapted by our teachers to the conditions and requirements of the Australian school.

WELCOME! For further information about the school call us at 0421 277 797 or 72212073
Our email vfkant@gmail.com
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